Update date: 09/01/2023

Refty is an online platform, edited by KARTEL Company (hereinafter "Platform"), which allows to participate in virtual events (hereinafter "Event"). 

By participating in these Events, you agree to respect the present Charter, which you declare to have read and accepted without reservation.

In the exchanges you may have with each of the other participants, the essential rules to respect are the following:

  • Be courteous;
  • Behave with professionalism;
  • Do not post content that is not related to the Event;
  • Respect others and do not use derogatory, insulting or inappropriate language.

You also agree that the information you provide is :

  • Authentic,
  • Reliable and
  • Correct

To learn more about the processing of personal data under the RGPD regulation, you can read our privacy policy here.

Any action on your part that goes against the rules mentioned above may be subject to a different type of sanction (warning, exclusion from the platform, deletion of your account, etc.) which will be determined according to the seriousness of the behavior observed.

Finally, you can report any problem encountered while using the Platform to the following email address: contact@refty.co