Increase your acquisition with highly engaged audiences

Immerse your audience in interactive virtual spaces and discover the impact of the Refty platform on your conversion rate.
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A solution designed for your growth

Grab your target's attention

From the creation of your event pages to ticketing and automated participation rate management, the Refty platform takes care of everything for you. Each step has been designed for maximum efficiency with high performance event pages and a unique ticketing system.
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Convert your participants

Refty's highly engaging and immersive virtual spaces allow you to drastically reduce your sales cycle by generating interactions with your participants before, during and after the event. The immersive aspect of these environments greatly enhances exchanges to offer a fun and memorable experience during each event.
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Build an audience

This is the other strength of Refty. The platform allows you to build groups of audiences that each new event enriches with new members. You have access to all the tools you need to invite and animate these audiences in new events. 
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Forget the monotony of video conferencing

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% micro & camera
On average, 92% of participants leave their camera and microphone on during events.


% remain more
This is the rate of participants who stay after the event to continue the exchange. 


x more interactions
Participants interact on average 5 times more than with a traditional webinar tool.


/5 satisfaction
This is the level of satisfaction of users who use Refty in their acquisition.
Virtual event platform

Create a safe and memorable experience

Video chat
On-board video chat system for 2-person or conference exchanges with hundreds of participants.
Screen sharing
Easily present your content to a small group or hundreds of participants.
Audio exchanges
Participants can move freely in the virtual space to exchange with whoever they want.
Guest speakers
Powerful administration settings to manage your VIP guests and provide them with the best experience.
Live chat
A chat feature allowing participants to exchange with each other in pairs or groups. 
Protect your events with robust security features, starting with SSO authentication.

Integrate all your content (New)

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